Cultural Resources Management

The protection of cultural resources will affect the planning for many of your projects. POWER’s cultural resource specialists will team with you from the beginning to devise cost-effective and timely strategies for moving your project forward. We will work with Federal and state agencies, key State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), and key Native American tribes to identify and address cultural resource concerns.

During the routing and siting studies phase, our cultural specialists collect, analyze, and integrate cultural resource data with engineering constraints, natural resource avoidance requirements, and Federal and state agency policies to reduce or avoid cultural impacts.

Once your routes or sites are selected, we’ll apply our deep experience with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, as well as other Federal regulations for the protection and management of cultural resources. We’ll help you develop sound strategies to avoid, reduce, or mitigate adverse effects to historic properties; assess resource eligibility for listing to the National Register of Historic Places; complete affect assessments; and meet consultation and inventory requirements.

Our vast experience in the development and execution of agreement documents, such as Memoranda of Agreement and Programmatic Agreements, will mean well-organized project execution for you.

Additionally, we complete architectural and historic structure assessments of historical structures and the built environment. Working with engineers and project developers and with an in-depth understanding of state and Federal requirements, we can minimize your project’s cultural impacts.

Cultural Resources

If your project includes or affects one or more of these cultural resources, you’ll need support to ensure compliance: